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How our journey all started…

Living and snowboarding in Vail Colorado, at the time, Patrick asked Erica to sail the Caribbean with him and she laughingly said yes never thinking that it would in fact come to fruition. After going back east for the summer, first they sailed around Rhode Island, Long Island Sound and the Cape & Islands before setting sail in October 2015 for parts unknown (at the time).

We have since sailed the northeast US, Delmarva Coast, Chesapeake, Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, as well as spending long periods of time in the Bahamas over the past couple years.

Fast forward, we are now a family of three sailors hailing from Newport, RI on our 49 foot ketch sailboat. Where we will go, no one knows.

This site is intended to keep our family and friends apprised of our whereabouts, but if anyone happens to stumble upon us, you are welcome to join us on our journey as we sail and raise a family aboard.




I grew up in Massachusetts and caught the sailing bug in Newport, RI as a young boy with the help of my grandfather and dad. I was fortunate to grow up sailing on the family sailboat, the “Gryphon,” a 43 foot Beneteau Oceanis. I bought my first boat the, “Wabah,” a 33 foot Irwin in 2009 and earned my own stripes cruising the waters of Cape Cod & the Islands as well as Rhode Island.

When I’m not sailing or dadding, I’m usually fixing something on the boat. But when the conditions are right, you can find me surfing some waves.




I grew up in Connecticut and also caught the sailing bug in Newport, RI through family visits, but my real sailing experience didn’t happen until I moved to New York City to work in consulting. After taking many a conference call staring out at the marina at North Cove, I decided I couldn’t wait anymore, signed up for sailing lessons, raced a bit and mostly cruised on J24s in the busy waterway known as New York Harbor. Prior to meeting Patrick, as an avid traveler, I sailed the British Virgin Islands, French Polynesia, the Windward Islands, Spain, Rhode Island, and the Cape Islands of Massachusetts.

When I’m not sailing or momming, I’m usually trying to enjoy life as it comes, but I also have an affinity for painting, cooking and reading.


Patrick Martin


Hello! I’m the newest crew member of the Irie. I was born in July 2016 in New York City, but after about a month, my mom and dad introduced me to the Irie and it has become my home.

When I’m not sailing….well, I’m growing! I love reading books and babbling with people.




I (Patrick) was looking for a boat capable of sailing the world in comfort.  Growing up in a cruising family on a 3 cabin sloop, I knew I wanted more space… for everything.  Since selecting the right boat is a very delicate exercise involving several different, yet incredibly important, metrics, I started with the easy stuff: where would I like to sleep?  I wanted an aft cabin so that I could sleep comfortably while passage making.  Second, I wanted a ketch. A ketch is a sailboat with two masts.  I grew up on sloops, and although I like them very much, I just wanted something different.  Since aft cabins and ketch rigs go hand in hand, I was on the right path.

In 2014, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to acquire the Irie, a 1975 Hinckley 49. She needed a complete refit and a lot of TLC after an owner that had let her go, so I decided to start on the inside out making repairs before deciding to live aboard full time that same year.

We have been slowly restoring her while sailing her, which although difficult we still were closing in on completion. However, in 2017, after being hit by two motor vessels (more than quadrupling our work list), we were forced to pause and dedicate all of our time and put the boat on the hard.  With the boat out of the water we worked to complete our project list and restore her to her original glory.


Hull: #21 of 24

Hull Type: Keel Centerboard

Rig Type: Masthead Cutter rigged Ketch

Length: 49

Draft: 5.5

Beam: 13.5

Engine: Ford Lehman 120hp

Water: 500 gallons

Diesel: 450 gallons


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